Aristotle, the great Greek Philosopher, in a synopsis on time, concluded there is no time without change- it should be noted here that this simplification arguably does Aristotle an injustice.

Well the lads at Blackjack - who may be in what is euphemistically called their philosophic decade- responding to this “timeless “challenge and also to some respected trade feedback, have decided on a label upgrade/change. This was not an easy decision as we have lived with the old label, since the first release of the 1992 vintage. The new Estate label wines are the same shape and colour but have a more contemporary and elegant look, along with a refinement of the Blackjack logo. As well, in line with marketing advice, we have created a new Major’s Line Label. Whilst still carrying the Blackjack logo, it is to differentiate it from the wine made from our own Estate grown grapes and those sourced from other local vineyards. Some of you will be aware that we have already released a Major’s Line Heathcote Shiraz and a Tempranillo.

Has this been an easy process and are we happy with the result? The short answer is, not entirely. Perhaps an answer is to link the thoughts of two great men, across the couple of millennium, Aristotle and Charles Darwin-life is both time and evolution! Evolution in essence, is change over time. We are very happy about the overall design. It was important to us not to move too far from the original design for our Estate Label. We think it has kept the continuity of the old label whilst adding a more elegant and refined dimension. However, we do feel there are perhaps a couple of fine Darwinian tweaks required .In the printing game there can be a divide between the computer generated image you sign off on and the final physical printed result. We do look forward to your feedback, positive or negative, or in between.

Change can be contagious. The office Neanderthal has decided, with more than a little trepidation, to throw himself into the garrulous and dangerous waters of a Blackjack Facebook identity. So to ameliorate this trepidation, befriend us!

You will not be inundated by daily posts, but relevant and timely updates as to what is happening at Blackjack. But, a warning, it is a contagion!

We were pleased to note that the 2012 Blackjack Shiraz was listed in the Winestate Annual, the Best of 2014 edition. The 2012 Block 6 Shiraz picked up a Gold Medal at the 2014 Cowra Wine Show along with a 94 Score from James Halliday.

Jeremy Oliver of the Australia Wine Annual gave both the 2012 Shirazes 93 points. Good scores from Jeremy.

It has been a stay at home year in terms on the export front. We have focused on consolidating our good relationships with our importers in China, mainly, and to a lesser degree Canada. Also the Victoria Government, along with Wine Australia and Austrade are coordinating a visit of up to 100 wine trade personnel (importers, retailers, sommeliers etc) and bringing them to Victoria in May this year. So Ken has no need for his sojourn to China this year and his annual dumpling feast!

Melbourne Tasting

Last year was our first time at the rather wonderful and centrally located Royal Society of Victoria Building. Feedback about the venue was very positive, so we have booked it again. We look forward to catching up with many of you, and this year there will also be an opportunity to place your orders on the night.

See enclosed INVITATION for time and date and bring it along to go into a draw to win a mixed dozen of the 2013 Blackjack Vintage.

  • Thursday 21st May 2015 from 4pm to 7pm.
  • The Royal Society of Victoria,

    9 Victoria St ( cnr Exhibition St and Victoria St) Melbourne 3000 in the Burke and Wills

The new releases will be on tasting from SATURDAY JUNE 6th and we invite you to come and try the new vintage. We are open weekends from 11am to 5 pm. We look forward to meeting you. If you purchase directly from cellar door please let us know so we can keep our mail order records up to date and so you get your mail order discount. We again extend to our valued mail order customers the opportunity to have your order delivered freight free

We use Australia Post to deliver wine. If not home they will leave a note for collection at your local Post Office or you can have it sent to a PO Box. Australia Post will not leave wine unless someone is at home to receive it or there are specific instructions for it to be left. Please ensure that it is a safe and secure area as Australia Post will not accept responsibility for wine left under these circumstances. Please include any preferences with delivery instructions.

In the Vineyard

Whilst the very wet 2011 vintage is still indelibly etched in our memory as possibly the most difficult we have experienced in our 25 plus years at Blackjack, it is time to move on. 2012 and 2013 have been quite normal vintages.

The hastily scrawled notes in the vintage records recall the 2013 vintage as very dry, almost no rain between August to February and with 4 to 5 days in January of 35 degrees plus Celsius-take out those days and you almost have a replica of the current 2015 Vintage. A couple of final descriptions of “clean fruit” and “smooth vintage” indicate it was perhaps one on the nicest and best vintages in recent memory. The production level would be historically described as just below average. Perhaps not surprisingly the relatively mild vintage conditions and low crop levels is reflected in the 2013 wines. Most striking to us across the three estate wines is the similarity in palate structure, the elegance and balance.

Out and About

Those who read the Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine might have noticed in the latest edition current (April/May) an article on Australia’s Best Cellar Doors. The little rustic, former shearing shed that is Blackjack Cellar Door was given a Star Cellar Door accolade for the Bendigo Wine Region. And, we have half been talking about an upgrade. Perhaps not!

We began with an Ancient so it seems fitting to finish with a quote or two from a couple of the other Ancients.

The Greek Historian, Thucydides.

“The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they began to cultivate the olive and the vine”

And, to remind us why we drink wine. The Famous Greek Physician, Hippocrates.

“Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and the ailing man”